If I were to talk to myself in the year 2000

Whilst I’m unsure about how much I would have been capable of taking onboard, I thought I might consider in 2015, what advice I might give to The Paffman of 2000. A wiser man once told me that in order to deliver constructive criticism in the best possible way, you should use the Compliment, Criticise, Compliment technique, so Paffman @ 22:

Some things I think you have right

Confidence, in every part of your life (work, play, girls…), is a major factor in success and happiness.

Experience, life is about what you have done and seen. Whether in the moments alone only with your thoughts, in conversation with interesting people, in a work environment – your willingness to “give things a go” and experience all that life has to offer is at the core of a fulfilling life.

Work hard, whilst money may not buy happiness, financial comfort affords one the opportunity for experiencing more and stressing less. You were lucky enough to be born in “the lucky country” and given the opportunity by your parents to control your own destiny – with your willingness to work hard, you will earn enough to live comfortably and enjoy life.

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